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Are you looking to get to know the Slinger launcher in depth? Look no further! In this article we explain in detail all the features of this powerful padel training tool.

First, some features you should know about the launcher is that it weighs 19kg, has 2 built-in motors and a capacity of up to 120 balls.

Slinger Padel is designed to make life easier for any player, it allows you to store racquets, towels and balls. One of these pockets has a USB charger so you can charge devices while you play.

The battery of the launcher has a life of 3 hours, however, be sure to charge it for 5 hours to optimize battery life This will allow you to enjoy long training sessions without interruptions. It has a removable battery for easy battery replacement.

The possible configuration options available on the launcher are as follows:

Launch speed: Reaches speeds of up to 73 km/h.

Rate of fire: adjusts the frequency with which the balls are fired, between 2 and 7 seconds.

Positioning of the launcher: it is easy to move and orient, you can position it exactly as you want.

Elevation angle: On the bottom side of Slinger Padel there is a lever that allows you to set the height of the launcher.

Type of ball spin: Set the type of ball spin, top, flat or bottom.

If you wanna see the launcher in action you can check our videos here

person setting up the slinger padel launcher

Once the launcher is configured, you need to turn on the switch, position yourself properly and use the wireless controller. You will hear a beep announcing the launching of balls, when you want to stop the session use the controller again.

In addition to the launcher, we include two accessories with your purchase: the oscillating platform and the telescopic ball catcher.

The oscillating platform fits perfectly with the launcher and covers the entire width of the court when placed on the service line on the other side of the net. Powering it is easy, as it has a small magnetized cable that connects directly to the launcher’s control panel.

The telescoping ball catcher helps keep the pace of play uninterrupted. Just press one end over the balls and quickly accumulate up to 20 balls. Then by tilting the opposite end over the launcher you can quickly unload all the balls.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover for yourself all the options that Slinger Padel offers.

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