TAS – The ideal point of contact


Padel players should always look for the ideal contact point, which can be remembered by the acronym “TAS”: Trajectory, Angle and Speed.

Trajectory: The trajectory of the racquet refers to its forward movement after preparation. With a classic forehand or backhand stroke, the trajectory starts low, moves forward through the ball and ends high above the shoulder. However, some strokes may have a left-to-right or right-to-left trajectory. On the other hand, with a slice stroke, the trajectory tends to be from top to bottom.

Angle: The angle of the padel racket when making contact with the ball is another important factor to consider. It can be understood vertically, horizontally and laterally. The angle will determine the direction and spin of the ball.

Speed: The speed of the padel racket through the point of contact also affects the strike. For example, a slower speed with a slightly more open angle can make the difference between a normal slice and a drop shot.

By combining “TAS”, padel players can control the direction, height, length, spin and speed of the ball. Understanding how these elements work together is the key to create the desired shot.

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